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"I have both my parents, who are 95 years old, in the Good Hands Loving Care.

I feel so very fortunate to have found this lovely, bright, cheery home.

They share a large double room with French doors that open out to a lovely garden.

They are both treated with much love and respect.

The caretakers make them laugh, know what they like and give them lots of hugs.

When I walk in (at any time) it is like being with my own family.

I know all the residents and their families. We all celebrate birthday parties together.

It is a wonderful feeling to know that my parents are so well taken care of

when I cannot take care of them in my own home.

I would and have recommended Good Hands Loving Care to anyone."

                                                                               Mardi Reese, Cypress, CA

"I am very impressed with the excellent care my aunt has received from the staff

at Good Hands Loving Care.  The overall climate is positive, life affirming and above all, loving. 

My aunt is truly happy and has shown much improvement in the last few months. 

The staff has done an excellent job in providing support and assistance. 

Having personally overseen the care for several frail, elderly family members in the past,

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them as an outstanding choice for elderly care."

                                                                               Patricia Anderson, Raleigh, NC

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