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Our services include :

Everything State regulation requires plus,
Good Hands provides;

*. Loving care and close observation
*. Carefully prepared healthy and nutritious home meals with fresh fruits
*. Arranging professional services such as home visiting doctors, 
    dentists, podiatrists and other healthcare services
*. Proper administering of medications
*. Above expectancy of daily housekeeping, refreshing linens 
    and personal laundry services
*. Assisting activities of daily living including incontinence care
*. Beautifully cared gardens and patios with all season blooming flowers
*. Most updated security and safety system:
    sprinkler system throughout the whole house, self-closing smoke-door
*. Adorable house pets and music for the therapeutic purpose, 
    exercise including daily walk, outing, singing group,
    Bible story class with the local ministers, and many more...
 Please come and see us!...
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